StarBound Beta Download Free

StarBound Beta Game Download

StarBound Beta Game Download

What is StarBound:

Starbound is an indie game being produced by the UK-based independent game studio Chucklefish Ltd. Starbound takes place in a two-dimensional, procedurally generated universe which the player will explore in order to obtain new weapons, armor, and miscellaneous items. Starbound entered beta testing on December 4, 2013 for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux.

So now you can get you’r StarBound game free , do you want to download Starbound beta game for free ?

This is the easiest method to download the beta game for free .It is still under development, but it’s playable and is so great . Is so easy to download it there are some steps that you need to follow .Now with the help or our website you can play the beta for free , you don’t need any money we offer this game for free . Why we offer this game for free ? Simply we talked with the owner of the game and he said if we found a bug in this beta game we will be rewarded with 100$ /bugs after we send 16 bugs he refused to talk with me and ignored me at skype .

How to get StarBound Beta Download Free:

  • Download the keygen from the following link
  • Download the game from the following link
  • Unpack the game and the keygen from archive
  • Install the game
  • Run the keygen and gereate a beta code for StarBound
  • Copy the code and insert it to StarBound
  • Have Fun !

First you need to a BETA KEY and after you need to download the Beta Game .exe

StarBound Beta Download Button

After you download the Beta Game you need to download A BETA KEY :



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